From heartfelt romances to riveting real-life stories, these dramatic movies pack a punch.

  • And Now Love

    The life story of Dr. Bernard Bail, a highly decorated Jewish World War II veteran who was captured by the Nazis and saved by the secret love of his German nurse.

  • For Love of Neighbor Politics for the common good

    “For Love of Neighbor” is a documentary film that tells the stories of three Christians.

  • Forever Faithful

    An in-depth look at the advances being made in the canine cancer field and the veterinary treatments available to dogs. The eternal bond that exists between humans and their dogs.

  • Cafe Diego the Cost of a Dream

    It is a story of great hardship, faith, risk, poverty, and perseverance.

  • Blossoms of Faith

    A woman decides to take a journey of faith when she suddenly loses her sister just 23 days before her wedding.

  • Before we say Goodbye

    A Mexican-American woman (Juanita Sena-Shannon) worries about how she and her family will cope if her ailing husband (F.X. Gurrola-Gal) dies.

  • For Love's Sake

    A mother wrestling with crippling depression fights to regain custody of her children in a drama based on a true story.

  • A Time for Heaven

    A nurse is assigned an unexpected task when she takes on the care of a new patient.

  • Somewhere between Heaven and Hell

    On a weekend road trip to Hell, Los Angeles, two longtime friends are forced to share long-held secrets, and their lives may never be the same.

  • To Auschwitz and Back

    Holocaust survivor Joe Engel vividly tells the story of his journey to hell and back, including escaping from a Death Train and working covertly as a freedom fighter.

  • Kindness Matters

    A little boy named Lincoln, who is bullied for the way he talks, creates a superhero in his head. A lonely man rescues a puppy who transforms his life and falls in love.

  • Swimming in Auschwitz

    This documentary follows the stories of six female Holocaust survivors, each a former prisoner at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

  • Step by Step to Auschwitz

    This short documentary reveals the way how victims arrived at Auschwitz.

  • Metamorphosis

    Metamorphosis is a documentary-style film giving the true account Bill Troester and the transformation he experienced by Jesus out of a life of violence, crime.

  • Before all Others

    A young woman's world is turned upside down when she is struck by a paralyzing disease and forced to live with her estranged grandmother.

  • Smuggler's Ransom

    A young woman smuggling bibles is caught and her Nuclear Physicist father is wanted in exchange. A US agent is sent to rescue her.