Christian Channel Digital Platform

The leading transactional digital on demand platform for the Christian market, Christian Channel offers Digital Purchase and Digital Streaming. Christian Channel curates and delivers films to the massive faith-consumer market. Christian Channel does this through its exclusive network of Christian retail marketing partners and direct to consumer apps on the latest world-class hardware technology.


Place Your Content on Christian Channel

If you own and manage the distribution rights to a feature film, documentary, episodic program, or short film that you believe would be of interest to a Christian or family-friendly audience, please click the link below to complete the Content Supplier Application.

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Christian Channel Digital Platform

Content Selection Criteria
  1. Format: Feature films, documentaries, episodic and short films.

  2. Perspective: Faith-based content from a Christian worldview.

  3. Reverence: We will not consider any content with profanities such as "F..K", "GD" and/or the name "Jesus" / "Jesus Christ" taken in vain.

  4. Referral: It is strongly recommended that content submitted for consideration be reviewed by a Christian review organization like MovieGuide,, or Focus on The Family's Plugged-In, to name a few. We are also open to family-friendly content if it is reviewed and approved by such organizations.

  5. Rating: Films rated by the MPAA must carry a rating of PG-13 or below. Unrated films are considered for placement based on criteria above.

Straightforward Deal Terms
  1. Non-exclusive Transactional digital rights - SVOD and EST (Streamed Video on Demand and Electronic Sell Through).

  2. Territory: Worldwide. Territorial rights can be selected on a title by title basis.

  3. Three (3) year term.

  4. Revenue: We pay Filmmakers or Production Companies SVOD: $0.05 - 0.15/per hour view. Monthly Revenue Payment to Filmmakers or Production Companies. 

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