New Releases

New Releases

New Releases
  • Save the Wedding

    When ambitious wedding planner Meg Mooreland is assigned the task of being in charge of her best friend Ellie's upcoming wedding, she has no idea a series of misevents will end up giving Ellie cold feet at the last minute. Together with her college nemesis and best man Tyler, they must team up to...

  • Captivated Finding Freedom in a Media Captivated Culture

    "Captivated” is a documentary that focuses on how media is being consumed by today's culture and the dangers that lie in being obsessed with social networking.

  • Come Before Winter

    The story of Sefton Delmer and Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, enemies of Adolf Hitler, who helped end the Third Reich.

  • The Two Thieves

    A look at the story of Christ's sacrifice as told from the viewpoint of two people who had a unique perspective.

  • Metamorphosis

    Metamorphosis is a documentary-style film giving the true account Bill Troester and the transformation he experienced by Jesus out of a life of violence, crime.

  • Trust Fund

    Reese is a young, aspiring writer who has her life mapped out - until she discovers that her mother left her a sizeable sum of money, presenting her with a spiritual dilemma.

  • Albert Schweitzer

    For generations the name Albert Schweitzer has been synonymous with hands-on compassion and the power of Christ-like sacrifice. Now director Gavin Miller presents a landmark drama about the legendary Christian medical missionary. Co-starring Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress Barbara Her...

  • The Divine Plan

    The Divine Plan dives deep into the pivotal bond between Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan.

  • Finding Hope Home

    The story of a family who began rescuing children from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya in 1996.

  • Come Follow Me

    Peter's life changes when he hears Jesus calling him to be his disciple. Over time, he transforms from being fearful of the repercussions of following Jesus to a bold leader of the early Christians.

  • Camino de Santiago - Faith Walk

    Camino De Santiago Faith Walk with Kristin and Peter is a personal look at our transformation while on pilgrimage across Spain in 2019.

  • Lions of the Pyrenees

    The expedition has been running nearly 20 years. Many of the group had been on it before; all who had been before describe the Lions journey.

  • Before we say Goodbye

    A Mexican-American woman (Juanita Sena-Shannon) worries about how she and her family will cope if her ailing husband (F.X. Gurrola-Gal) dies.

  • Cafe Diego the Cost of a Dream

    It is a story of great hardship, faith, risk, poverty, and perseverance.

  • The Farm Fixer

    Nick Hewer helps small farms and rural enterprises that are struggling discover new ways to make money.